Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Covid-19 Protocols? 

Yes. Listed in red box on home page.

Are there guided rides in 2021?

Not this year. 

Self-Guided Rides for 2021! This year the rides will be self-guided with GPS tracks sent out in advance and also available to be loaded on-site (masks required at GPS loading desk). Riders can choose any route and ride it at any time throughout the weekend. We won’t be offering group rides with a lead and sweep this year, so there will not be rider sign-ups as we have done in the past. We’ll still have a meeting location and suggested start time for each of the different rides so that participants who are seeking people to ride with can gather up in small groups to head out for the ride.

If there are more then one person on a bike do we both have to pay?

We have a 2-Up rate.

What kind of bikes are allowed?

Any street-legal motorcycle can be ridden to the Touratech Rally. It will be up to the rider to determine which riding opportunities will work for them and their bike.


Where do we sleep?

Space will be provided for all registered attendees to camp. There is some lodging nearby. There are a few motels around Plain, WA and in Leavenworth, WA. Book it early!


What is volunteering like?

It's fun! We require that all volunteers work two 4/hr shifts during the weekend. In exchange you get free admission and a sweet t-shirt. We'll definitely put you to work on your shifts.


I'm a beginning rider. Will there be rides that I'll be able to participate in? 

We were all beginner riders at some point and have lots of fun routes and rides suggested for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. There are also multiple motorcycle training schools on site providing classes that riders and especially beginner riders could benefit from before heading to the off-road routes. (please check for training costs associated for the different classes)


Are the classes and workshops free?

All of the classes and workshops are included in your admission EXCEPT on-hands ADV riding courses provided by an outside source. Those are paid for seperately.


What do we eat?

Bring food like any camping trip. There also will be food vendors onsite . There is a small store across the street from the venue.


If I don't register early can I do it on the day I arrive?

It depends on whether the event is sold out. If not, than yes. 

When is Rally East?

That will be Summer 2020.August 20 -23 in New Hampshire.

Are there day passes?

Day passes are not pre-sold. If you arrive at the event (and it's not sold out), there will be a limited amount of day passes available. Availability is not guaranteed.


Is there water available?

Yes. We will have free gallon water jugs for rally participants.


If my motorcycle breaks, what do I do?

You'll be surrounded on all sides by riders experienced in "on the fly" repairs, so hopefully you can get it back to camp on two wheels and not 4... You'll be surrounded on all sides by riders experienced in "on the fly" repairs, so hopefully you can get it back to camp on two wheels and not 4... Bike recovery is your responsibility, but we always try to help with it. If there is a cost incurred, it's yours to pay.


How many people will be there?

We expect around 1000 including vendors. Ticket sales will be capped this year to prevent overcrowding.


What type of tires do I need?

It's possible to do the rides on a 50/50 tire, but it may be more enjoyable if your riding on something geared towards off road use... Contintental TKC-80's or other knobbies are most popular.


If I crash who is responsible if I'm injured?

No crashing allowed, but if you do, you're responsible for any costs incurred. All participants are required to sign a waiver to enter the grounds. We'll have onsite medics.


Where do I get gas?

There are fuel stations within ten miles of the rally and a small fuel station in Plain, WA.

Is there stuff to buy?

Yes. Most vendors sell products. Touratech sells event souvenirs but no accessories.


Where do I park my trailer?

Trailer and RV parking is onsite and you need to purchase a pass. Trailers and RV's are parked seperately from the motorcycle/tent camping area.There are no RV utilities to plug into. It's a field.

Are there showers?

Yes. Cold water showers will be onsite and they feel awesome after a day in the saddle!

What if I show up to the rally early?

.Early entry will be allowed to some volunteers and people attending the Jimmy Lewis class.

Is there onsite security.

There will be onsite security 24/7.

When can I see the schedule?

It's out now! Click at the top of the page!

What about kids? 

Kids 15 and under can enter FREE. They cannot ride motorcycles onsite. Only licensed riders can operate a motorcycle onsite. All motorcycles must have a valid plate. NO PIT BIKES!