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At Touratech, our main focus is always on riding and our rally is no exception. In 2024 we offer training for every level of rider from the 3 premier training schools in the USA. Find the class that works for you and we'll see you on the trail!

We will open Training Registration in early 2024!

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ADV Rider Training

Come learn why our “ V ” of traction methods help our riders gain incredible results of control, build the highest of confidence and experience considerably less fatigue while riding on or off-road. 

What you’ll learn from Touratech ADV Rider Training

  • Learn how the ergonomics of your Adventure bike and correct body position will control the outcome of your best results.

  • Proper sitting corners.

  • Proper power braking.

  • How to keep your body centered on your adventure bike for maximum result.

  • Proper standing turns.  Learn to lean your adventure bike with confidence.

  • Learn the 3 ways of how to turn your adventure bike with confidence.

  • Proper hill climbing while controlling the modulation of your clutch and throttle.

  • Proper body position while side hilling your adventure bike.

  • How to confidently ride your adventure bike through single track trails.

  • The 3 axis of movement on your adventure bike for ultimate control.

  • Traction control and hand placement.


Pre-Rally Touratech ADV Rider Training – June 22 & 23 at our training facility. Click Here!

Touratech ADV Rider Training - Thursday, June 27-1PM at Touratech Rally         Click Here!

Touratech ADV Rider Training - Friday, June 28- 9:30AM at Touratech Rally         Click Here!

Touratech ADV Rider Training - Saturday, June 29 -9:30AM at Touratech Rally Click Here!

Touratech ADV Rider Training - Sunday, June 30 -8AM at Touratech Rally   Click Here!

Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Training

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Learn the proper way to be a safe and controlled rider with our essential skills courses that will change the way you ride for the better. JLR Off-Road's instructors share between them ISDE Gold medals, Baja 1000 and Dakar Podium and wins, X Games Endurocross Gold Medals, Multiple National Championships in all disciplines of off-road competition and certification as qualified instructors.


All avid off-road and adventure riders, we take the mystery out of off-road motorcycle operation and give you digestible drills and techniques that you can practice and grow with. Remember, the best modification for your motorcycle is a better rider! Our classes require your bike to be fitted with knobby-type tires for safety. (no "round, smooth" tires).

Registration questions:

Class Specific questions:


Empowering Women Riders

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All Women's Adventure Rider Training

SheADV is offering 4-hour training sessions, so you can enjoy other things the rally has to offer.  So, we have broken up the Level 1 and Level 2 classes into 2 Parts.  Join Lead Off-Street Instructor Shal Wilson and her team, for half day skill building sessions that will move you through your fears to mastering skills with finesse and confidence. Learn a commonsense approach to mastering your bike so you can manage the terrain you’ll encounter in the backcountry and become the rider you want to be.  We find that most riders benefit from taking the Level 1 class either as a first timer or using the class as a refresher.  Then we will kick it up a notch with the Level 2 classes.  

BYOB…Bring your own Bike.  All sizes of off-street worthy motorcycles are welcome. 

These classes are appropriate for beginner and intermediate off-street riders. 

Register Here!

World Class Rider Training

Jimmy Lewis
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